rollArt is the combination of street signs charm
and Italian Renaissance’s pictorial tradition.
In 1568 Vasari, most famous art’s historial and painter, wrote:

“People, in order to carry paintings from town to town,
have found convenience in painted canvas,
as those that have light weight and, rolled, […]
are easy to be transported  […] rolling them.”

rollArt means painting in motion, today as in the past,
rolling and transporting paintings everywhere.

rollArt is a project entirely italian,
combining arts and technique,
from the concept
to the  single components


linen blend,
fine and resistant material for the rolling
and the following assembling system
through a specific slot.


acrylicvarnish with
elastic cohesive resin
studied in order
to keep the painting
intact during rolling
and transportation


first choice fir wood,
studied by 3rd generation framers,
in the same workshops
where frames were made
for De Chirico, Fontana, Guttuso;
now they manufactured also
for rollArt


the assembly is the active part
of this unique system,
which allows you to actively partecipate
in the artwork emotion itself
and make it your own.

the artist

always attracted and fascinated by signs, he begins pondering on the matter,
taking a journey of expressive research
on the subject,
based for now on feelings or perception that perhaps there is still
unexplored territory, a preferential way
to positively communicate

art is not “a whole new world” for him,
choosing the scenography curricola
for his education a
t the Accademy of Fine Arts in Milan,
it has always been intended as
a continuous interaction between
painting, sculpture, music and poetry.

having applied the concept in the context of conventions, stands and showrooms,
he now approaches the field of interior art, changing scale and support, from a stage or a pavilion to the area of a wall !